How You Can Help

One of the goals of the Ohio Theatre is to be a stable element and an engaging partner in our neighborhood.  That means we need your help.

  • COME! Come to shows & events.
  • TALK! Tell others about the great time you experienced.
  • VOLUNTEER!  We need help with ideas, planning, ushers, technology, cleaning up and everything in between. Call 419-255-8406 Ext. 305 for volunteer opportunities.




  • November 10th
  • Storytelling event with the theme four legged and two legged parenting. Stories about parents and animal owners
  • http://signup.com/go/xbmfgM


Folk Festival


My Bloody Valentine





  • March 18th
  • Film Screening of the movie Chef. There will be food trucks outside in honor to hick off food truck season
  • http://signup.com/go/8sZXwt


Get On Up!


League of Their Own