The Ohio Theatre: A Shared Experience

The list of events and appearances is impressive, but the importance of the theatre goes beyond its entertainment value.  The Ohio Theatre and Event Center was a neighborhood gathering spot for sharing experiences like family outings, first kisses and fun with childhood friends.

The theatre was part of a vibrant neighborhood that had a variety of thriving businesses.  It was a community cornerstone and it can be again.  Today the Ohio Theatre is Toledo’s last neighborhood theatre, but it is in need of substantial renovations.  In our modern times, the arts have been nearly purged from America’s schools, so what better way to meet a local need than developing arts-in-education programming? The Ohio Theatre in collaboration with the Arts Commission of Greater Toledo will engage youth in high-quality programming with a focus on the arts.  Introducing our neighborhood youth to the arts through the Ohio Theatre is an enticing prospect, but the reality is the Toledo’s economy still struggles.

Enter United North

United North, a nonprofit corporation, has the necessary experience to renovate the Ohio Theatre and reestablish it as an anchor business and a core element of Toledo’s economic development.

Mission Statement

The historic Ohio Theatre and Event Center will provide access to the arts for low to moderate income residents of the surrounding community, preserve a cultural icon by providing social and artistic programming for the region, and serve as a catalyst for business district revitalization along the Lagrange Street commercial corridor.

We host events such as:

  • Toledo Ballet
  • Summer Intensive classes with Glascity
  • Summerstock Toledo, Drama workshops from Glascity
  • Toledo Symphony Dalcroze classes
  • The Clarence Smith Gospel Jazz Choir with a brunch
  • A live production of the Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • ADJ-ective New Music
  • premiere of the new film See You Next Tuesday by Joe Vogt
  • Toledo Arts Commission Strategic Planning meeting
  • A series of Christmas films

Contact information

Phone 419.255-8406 ext. 305
Email contact@ohiotheatretoledo.org
Address 3114 Lagrange St
Toledo, OH 43608